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Identity-Based Conflict
3-Day Reflective Seminar
Understanding Identity Needs and Deep-Rooted Conflict

Address conflicts at a deeper level and achieve more dignifying and sustainable processes and solutions.

Our communities aim to uphold dignity and respect in daily interactions, relationships, and organizations, ensuring full acknowledgement and inclusion for everyone.

Why This Seminar Matters
In today's world, conflicts often simmer beneath the surface, fuelled by differences and competing interests. Our interactions can quickly turn toxic when assumptions, bias, and intolerance take hold. This leads to polarization, dehumanization, cruelty, violence, and entrenched conflicts.

When identities are threatened, individuals or groups may react strongly, even violently. Understanding what lies beneath people's identities can prevent conflicts from arising and shed light on emotional triggers.

This seminar equips you with a profound understanding of identity-based conflicts and enhances your ability to find lasting resolutions, whether you're a leader, manager, or peace practitioner. You'll learn the essential components of such conflicts and build confidence in handling various situations, including coaching, group facilitation, and mediation.
Wix Bookings_Services Image Gallery 1920x800px (5).jpg

Learning Objectives

During this 24-hour advanced and interactive conflict resolution training, you will learn how to:

  1. Explain the universal nature of underlying conflicts at a deeper level

  2. Describe identity-based and deep-rooted conflict

  3. Understand human identity needs implicated in peace and conflict

  4. Predict the influence and impact of key factors in conflict

  5. Examine the underlying mechanisms, such as power, bias, and stereotyping, behind escalating intercultural or identity-based conflict

  6. Apply mimetic and identity-based conflict theories to conflict situations, and

  7. Analyze interpersonal, intranational or international conflict scenarios. 

Limited spots; register now!
Seminar fees: $1,299 +HST
Students and Nonprofits: $999 + HST
Livré également en français par la membre honorée Carole Soucis. Retrouvez les dates de livraison en cliquant ci-dessous.
“I feel equipped to engage in discussions related to identity conflicts with confidence.”
“The group exercises allowed us to put theory into practice and reinforce the learnings.” 
“Learning from experienced practitioners and applying concepts in real scenarios has deepened my understanding.”

“I learned to help others recognize the role of their identities in conflicts, preventing escalation and scapegoating.”
“I found the resources relevant and practical for my role as mediator and group facilitator.”

“The human identity needs framework offers a universal language for addressing sensitive identity issues.”

Esther van Gennip

Esther has over 20 years of experience in community-based dispute resolution with comprehensive knowledge of community development principles to facilitate intercultural group interventions to build relations and capacity in the workplace. She provides high-quality facilitation services and technical support for the development and delivery of conflict prevention and resolution in the workplace.

Responsibilities include facilitating experiential, skills-based training programs that offer participants practical tools and application of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) principles, skills and theory to resolve underlying and deep-rooted conflicts in the workplace. Esther has 20 years of experience facilitating skills-based training programs, and curriculum development for various government agencies, non-profit organizations, private sector industry and First Nations communities.

She has been an Honoured Fellow and Senior Trainer of CICR since 1997 and Chartered Mediator with the ADR Institute of Canada since 2008.

Esther has been a trainer with us for over 20 years. She delivers the Third-Party Program in English. She assisted with the development, process design and delivery of the Identity-Based (Deep-Rooted) Conflict Seminar. She was the lead trainer for the conflict resolution and aboriginal culture awareness training for Meno Ya Win Health Centre.

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