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empowering for peace.

Everyone can be a peace practitioner and foster positive change 

We believe that every individual can be a practitioner of peace, capable of fostering dignity, trust and accountability in any dialogue, process and relationship. 

At cicr, we can build this capacity with community-based processes to nurture constructive change, just-peace and reconciliation.

We know that breaking cycles of violence is possible, with more people able and available to practice our Third-Party Neutral principles and to intervene promptly. 

Fostering conflict resilience, one community at a time.

CICR seeks to empower and build capacity in individuals, communities and organizations to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Established in 1988 as a non-profit, charitable organization, the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR) has conducted conflict resolution training, interventions and participatory dialogues and workshops to all sectors of nonprofit and private institutions in Canada and abroad.

CICR has developed training methodologies and a Community-Based Conflict Resolution (CBCR) approach to equip participants to intervene in conflict situations through key interpersonal skills and coaching, mediation, group facilitation, community dialogue and other peacebuilding competencies, that help restore dignity and trust, and address the sources of deep-rooted and identity-based conflict.

With more people ready to facilitate safe spaces, constructive dialogue and positive processes, we will enable conflict-resolving and conflict-resilient communities and foster positive change.













Our trainers are seasoned practitioners (mediators, facilitators, coaches) who have found in CICR a unique approach and a meaningful community. They will share their experience and wisdom by modelling principles and techniques, facilitating a safe-brave space and enabling a powerful learning community. Our exceptional trainers bring a wealth of expertise, passion, and dedication to help you reach your learning conflict resolution goals, and unleash your full potential.

Meet our Staff

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are a small team, but we are highly motivated and committed to serving the community of CICR practitioners and fulfilling the institute's mandate and vision. When can we chat?

CICR’s mission is more relevant than ever, as communities in all areas of society face the challenges of social fragmentation and the growing need for inclusion, equity and belonging.

We envision CICR as a vibrant community for learning and sharing, responsive to the needs of the communities and practitioners it serves; a sustainable institute diversifying and extending its reach, faithful to its values and broadly recognized for its identity-based, third-party neutral and community-based conflict resolution approaches to build capacity and address the root causes of conflict.

Board of Directors



The Directors of the Board bring a wealth of experience and dedication to support the CICR community, working closely with staff and practitioners on four key focus areas:

  1. Build skills, knowledge and capacity to resolve conflict

  2. Outreach to promote programs and services and to build strategic relationships and partnerships

  3. Create access to and deliver service excellence to vulnerable communities

  4. Develop internal capacity to deliver programming sustainability with a high level of user experience.

Meet the CICR Directors for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023:

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