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Vern Neufeld Redekop

Trainer - Former Director

Vern Neufeld Redekop, Professor Emeritus of Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada, is a highly respected Peace and Conflict Studies scholar. He is widely known for his role as a founder, president, and central figure of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR) and its Third-Party Neutral (TPN) capacity-building program. Throughout his life, Vern has focused on reflective practice and research in the area of deep-rooted conflict and reconciliation. 


Vern's book, "From Violence to Blessing—How an Understanding of Deep-Rooted Conflict Can Open Paths to Reconciliation," is a result of more than a decade of research and seminars with hundreds of people from around the world. The book is now used as a textbook in conflict resolution courses in several universities. Vern's training and program development at CICR have taken him to Indigenous communities in Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sudan, Taiwan, and many other countries. 


As a former President of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, Vern has overseen the development of Community-Based Conflict Resolution (CBCR) programs in the healthcare, policing, and education sectors. Vern has been a trainer, mentor, and retreat leader, and he has fostered the development of a paradigm for reconciliation in a theatre of war context within the military chaplaincy. He has also initiated the Integrative Peacebuilding Program at the Professional Development Institute (PDI) at the University of Ottawa.

Vern Neufeld Redekop
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