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Deepening Your Practice
New Courses with Harry and Lisa Webne-Behrman
Course I. The Intentional Practitioner - September 10
Course II. Embracing Complexity - March 19 

Enroll in your preferred course today. Courses can be taken individually and in any order.

Enhance your conflict resolution practices in the workplace through this highly engaging and practical workshop.

The “Deepening Your Practice” courses offer unique opportunities for highly interactive, practical instruction. Designed for practitioners of varying experience levels and backgrounds, these online courses provide easy access to a wide range of resources facilitated by instructors who bring a wealth of experience to the learning environment.

The course offers:
  • Interactive Sessions: Four 2.5-hour group sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am to 12:30 pm)
  • Practical Application: real-life conflicts you face at work.
  • Personalized Guidance: A one-on-one coaching session to apply the knowledge you gained to your work context. 
  • Close-knit teaching with seasoned practitioner-trainers Harry and Lisa Webne-Behrman, so the program is tailored around your learning objectives and priorities.

By the end of this course, expect to substantially improve your confidence, ADR skills and effectiveness as a conflict resolution practitioner.

Deepening I

The Intentional Practitioner: Enhancing Capacity to Navigate Core Issues

  1. Being a Reflective Practitioner: Mindfulness Tools for CRPs (Conflict Resolution Practitioners)
  2. Understanding the Mediation Process, its Subtleties and Opportunities
  3. Navigating Impasse
  4. Constructively Addressing Mental Health and Well-Being

“This course is incredibly rich because it offers learning on many levels: self-reflection and growth as a practitioner, a solid grounding in theory and practical tools, and resources for working with clients, whether you are providing one-on-one coaching, mediation or group processes.

Harry and Lisa are wonderfully adaptive trainers, and whatever your needs are and whatever level you are at in your practice, you can be sure that there is something in this course for you.”

Leanna Haythorne, Fed Gov Practitioner

“I have had the immense pleasure of learning from and with both Harry and Lisa Webne-Behrman over the past 25 years. While they are both excellent trainers who will help you really explore concepts and learn how to put what you learn into practice, they are both exceptional practitioners who model what they teach.


From each encounter with Harry and Lisa, I have come away with an increased understanding of conflict and conflict resolution as well as a better sense of my own ability to help others work through conflict.” 

Cheryl Stinski, Alternative Resolutions

  1. Addressing Key Challenges: Issues of Trust, Power
  2. Addressing Key Challenges: Change and Transition
  3. Facilitating Multi-Party Disputes
  4. Using Improvisation to Improve Creative Capacity

Deepening II

Embracing Complexity: 
Addressing Key Challenges in Conflict Resolution Practice


Harry Webne-Behrman has served as a facilitator, consultant, educator, and mediator for over 35 years. Along with his partner, Lisa Webne-Behrman, he served as Senior Partner of Collaborative Initiative, Inc., a private consulting and mediation firm based in Madison, Wisconsin from 1991-2017. Harry has worked with hundreds of businesses, schools, community groups and public agencies, facilitating large-scale deliberation and engagement processes, as well as mediating interpersonal disputes, and he maintains tremendous enthusiasm about the importance of learning to work collaboratively to build positive work environments.

Harry also worked with the University of Wisconsin-Madison in numerous capacities. As Founding Director of UW-Madison's HR Communities of Practice Office, he led the development of an array of new learning communities and competency-based certification pathways that support the professional development of Human Resources staff across the UW-Madison campus.

In 2006, Harry received the Wisconsin Association of Mediators Distinguished Service Award in recognition of his extensive contributions to the field and received a UW-Madison Employee Recognition Award in 2013. His recently published book, What Matters at Work (2020), is offered in that spirit, having catalyzed ongoing conversations and communities of practice that deepen capacities to focus on essential organizational and community priorities.


Harry is also author of The Practice of Facilitation (1998), Guardian of the Process (1994), and co-author with Lisa Webne-Behrman of the Working It Out Series (1991-96) in peer mediation and conflict resolution education in schools, as well as numerous articles on mediation, conflict resolution, and facilitation. 


Harry and Lisa now live and work in Ottawa, Ontario. Harry received a B.S. in Economics, an M.S. in Higher Education Administration and worked on doctoral studies in Educational Policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Lisa Webne-Behrman, Ph.D., C. Psych is a Licensed Psychologist, Facilitator, and Mediator with over 30 years of experience in the fields of Psychology and Dispute Resolution, both in the USA and Canada. Lisa and her partner, Harry Webne-Behrman, served as Senior Partners of Collaborative Initiative, Inc., a private consulting and mediation firm based in Madison, Wisconsin, from 1991 to 2017. Lisa has worked with hundreds of schools, non-profits, government agencies, and healthcare organizations, mediating both interpersonal and team-based disputes, as well as promoting skills and training in dispute resolution, facilitation, mediation and the development and implementation of dispute resolution systems within workplaces and organizations.


Lisa has facilitated numerous small and large-scale problem-solving and dialogue initiatives. She has developed and instructed multiple courses in dispute resolution both at the university level and for Professional Development. Lisa served for 20 years as a roster Mediator for a statewide Alternative Dispute Resolution program focused on mediating Special Education disputes. Lisa currently works at a community mental health facility in Ottawa, ON providing individual adult therapy, Psychological Evaluations, and consultation on special projects related to dispute resolution. For many years, Lisa served as a Senior Psychologist at The University of Wisconsin-Madison Health Services clinic, providing mental health and prevention services to undergraduate and graduate students. More recently, Lisa utilized her training in Psychology and Dispute Resolution to help develop greater capacity for addressing interpersonal conflicts within a local healthcare facility.


Lisa is co-author of the Working It Out Series (1991-96) in peer mediation and conflict resolution education in schools and has authored additional resources on mediation and workplace conflict resolution.

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