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Rasha Kaba


Rasha is a dedicated humanitarian professional with a profound commitment to supporting refugees and peacebuilding efforts. Despite completing a degree in economics, she chose to embark on a journey of humanitarian relief after witnessing the impact of the Syrian civil war.

Her humanitarian work began with a large NGO, where she provided vital assistance to over 50,000 internally-displaced families affected by the war. Rasha's focus on minorities and community engagement further enriched her experiences in Syria.

Upon arriving in Canada in 2016, she continued her dedication to humanitarian efforts, immersing herself in non-violent communication and mediation training. In 2019, she achieved the prestigious role of a TPN (Third Party Neutral) trainer.

Rasha's exceptional commitment and contributions to the field were recognized with CICR's Service Award in December 2018. She was acknowledged for her steadfast commitment and significant contribution in producing the first draft of the TPN-1 manual in Arabic.

Even today, Rasha's mission remains resolute – to extend the values and skills of CICR's TPN training to the people in Syria, fostering positive change and peacebuilding in the region.

Rasha Kaba
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