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Identity-Based Conflict Seminar - July 9

Exploring deep-rooted conflict and human identity needs

  • Starts Jul 9
  • From 1,039 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom

Available spots


The Identity-Based Conflict Seminar presents widely accepted theories of human identity needs implicated in peace and conflict. These theories provide a framework for getting beneath the surface of conflict to learn what drives the other person or group. Participants will examine the universal nature of underlying conflicts and have an opportunity to work these theories and apply them to conflict situations. Designed to provide participants with some of the theoretical background to address deep-rooted, identity based conflicts, the seminar will support your confidence to enter into interventions that create lasting, sustainable solutions. A highly experiential 3-day workshop to acquire the tools and confidence to: > Human identity needs > Variables that intensify conflict > Underlying concepts behind escalating violence, blaming, scapegoating, and power struggles > Underlying concepts behind interethnic and religious conflict, and intranational and international conflict You will also have the opportunity to apply the concepts to real life conflict situations in the training. Course fees: $1,299 +HST Applicable discounts > 20% off for Non-Profit Organizations > 20% off for Full-Time Students > 10% to 30% off for Affiliate Organizations (coupon code will be provided by affiliate organization) Please note: 1. Should you qualify for any of the discounted fees, proof of enrolment, employment or affiliation will be required in order to successfully process registration. 2. If your employer pays for the workshop, you do not qualify for the student discounts. 3. If paid by the Canadian Government select "Offline Payment" at checkout. _____ *CET ATELIER EST DISPENSÉ EN ANGLAIS* Si vous souhaitez vous inscrire à la version française, vous trouverez les options disponibles dans le menu Ateliers.


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