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Devenez compétent en matière de conflits

Transformer les conflits - Cultiver la paix
Programme Tierce-Partie Neutre

Commencez votre parcours TPN, en présentiel, le 10 juin 2024 

A Leader in Conflict Resolution Training since 1988

The Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution has been a leading authority in empowering managers, leaders, practitioners and organizations with a unique Third-Party Neutral approach to training and intervention in conflict resolution, mediation, facilitation and community dialogue. As a renowned institute, we have promoted harmony, understanding, and cooperation in Canada and beyond.

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Conflict Resolution Programs

Take the First Step Towards Peaceful Resolutions:
Enroll in one of our conflict resolution training programs and embark on a journey toward constructive communication, understanding, and harmony.
Our grads say:
“I leave with more confidence and the techniques to go further on my journey.”

Melissa Wilson, Prevention Officer, Canada School of Public Service

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Dealing with conflict?
We Can Help You

For Organizations:

Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution

+1 343-633-0100

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For Individuals in the National Capital Region:

Community Conflict Resolution Ottawa - CCRO

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Toll-free 1-833-670-2100

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