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Souleiman Kassouha, PhD.

International Trainer

Souleiman Kassouha, PhD. is a Professor at Damascus University/ Psychologist, Consultant and Master trainer for many INGOS in Syria and Middle East. 

Souleiman co-founded three NGOs in Syria and has designed several psychosocial support programs for affected internally displaced Syrian families due to the war since 2011 up till date to help them to overcome the traumas and the challenges. Adopting the Non-violent Communication methods of Marshal Rosenburg, he takes pride in being the first trainer to introduce the Syrian communities to these teachings as he developed a curriculum for a training, translated several related books and materials into Arabic and started to travel through the Syrian governorates providing Non-violent communication trainings to a wide category of the Syrian communities launching initiatives for peace by his students. 

Souleiman's passion for Conflict Resolution led him to supervise and participate in a training program in 2014, with Tatsushi Arai from the Peace Institute in USA. He graduated from the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR)'s Third-Party Neutral (TPN) program in 2019 and took all the training required to become a certified trainer with the CICR. Souleiman has conducted many TPN trainings in Arabic and English. 

Souleiman is Founder and Chairman of board of trustees of, TAATOF (Empathy) for Development and Non-Violent Communication.TAATOF is a nonprofit foundation seek to Transform Conflicts – Cultivate Peace in Syria. Its objectives coincide with the objectives of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution

Souleiman Kassouha, PhD.
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