TPN 1 - Becoming A Third-Party Neutral

Through role-plays and conflict scenarios participants are introduced to values and beliefs and how they impact on conflict; an introduction to negotiation, conciliation and mediation processes and techniques, including guidelines for mediators, the mediation process and process checklists; and an introduction to facilitation which includes basic group dynamics, positive framing of issues and core skills of a facilitator. The workshop also includes skill practice around questioning techniques and the positive framing of conflictual issues. 

In TPN 1, you will explore:

  • the spectrum of conflict resolution choices
  • the layers of conflict with an emphasis
  • deep-rooted and identity-based conflicts
  • the core attributes of community-based conflict resolution
  • the ten core principles for being an effective TPN

Please note: This workshop is the prerequisite to all of the other TPN workshops.

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