Conflict Coaching

Are you currently feeling uncomfortable talking to someone about a conflict?

Are you having trouble communicating with someone you are in dispute with?

If you are, getting a coach could be an effective solution for you.

The process

Conflict Coaching is one-on-one confidential support to help a person deal with a conflict situation. A trained manager/coach can help a person identify and develop new practical skills to resolve conflict, replacing less successful ways of dealing with disputes.

Benefits of having a coach:

  • Helps to deal with people in difficult situations (ex: talking to your staff about their performance)
  • Helps you reach your full potential and enables you to successfully communicate with someone
  • Provides you with personalized techniques and identifies patterns and behaviors that might not have worked for you in the past

Call us at 613-235-5800 to receive a free consultation and case assessment.

Please note that we will also be providing you with references upon request.


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