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Henri Tremblay

Trainer & Practitioner

Henri Tremblay is a highly skilled mediator, public speaker, and conflict resolution practitioner with a diverse background in various fields. Over his twenty-plus years as a public servant, Henri has accumulated valuable experience in management consulting, training, drug addictions, communications, management, and community development.

In his role as a senior manager, Henri served as the associate director of mediation services for Revenue Canada. He actively championed the use of alternative dispute resolution within the federal public service, making significant contributions to the development of mediation capacity within his Department. Moreover, Henri offered essential mediation training for managers and union leaders as part of their competency development, ultimately enhancing union-management relations.

Henri's expertise extends to various areas, as he excels as a trainer, facilitator, and mediator. Throughout his career, he has conducted courses and workshops in facilitation, interest-based negotiation, mediation, cross-cultural communications and diversity, harassment prevention, community and organizational development, and conflict resolution.

As a mediator, Henri has effectively served as both a civil servant and a consultant for multiple federal departments, focusing on mediation, group needs assessments, and facilitation.

For the past decade, Henri has been an esteemed trainer with our institute, garnering recognition as an Honoured Fellow. His proficiency extends to delivering all TPN modules in both French and English, further enriching our training offerings.

Henri Tremblay
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