Are you currently being faced with a situation that is consuming your energy and time because of a dispute, a miscommunication, perceptions, threats, or any other conflicting situation?

Then, you are not the only one and mediation could become your cost-effective and efficient solution for your organization.

The process

Mediation is a voluntary and informal process in which a third-party neutral assists parties in their efforts to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. Unlike a judge or arbitrator the mediator has no power to impose a solution on the disputants. The core of mediation is in its ability to orient parties to each other so that they can see their relationship from the new perspective. By assisting in communication, developing a cooperative, problem solving attitude, identifying underlining interests, narrowing issuesand transmitting messages between parties, mediation explores possible options for agreement and the consequences of non-settlement.

The steps

  1. A mediator assesses your case to determine if mediation is appropriate for the situation
  2. If the mediator thinks the process could help, he will invite the other party to participate in mediation
  3. If the other party accepts, the mediator will meet with each of you separately to explain the process, rules of conduct of the mediation meeting
  4. A mediation meeting will be arranged with both parties at a time and date convenient to everyone
  5. The mediator will facilitate communication and help the parties agree on a solution

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