Henri Tremblay

Henri Tremblay is a mediator, a public speaker and a conflict resolution practitioner. He has worked in the fields of management consulting, training, drug addictions, communications, management and community development. He has held a variety of positions within the federal and provincial departments over his twenty some years as a public servant.

As a senior manager, Henri was the associate director of mediation services for Revenue Canada. He actively promoted the use of alternative dispute resolution within the federal public service and was instrumental in the development of mediation capacity within his Department; he also offered basic mediation training for managers an union leaders as part of competency development towards enhancing union-management relations.

As a trainer, facilitator and animator, he has given courses and workshops in facilitation, interest-based negotiation, mediation, cross-cultural communications and diversity, harassment prevention, community and organizational development and conflict resolution.

As a mediator, Henri has worked as a civil servant and consultant for several federal departments in the areas of mediation, group needs assessments and in facilitation.

Henri has been a trainer with us for the past 10 years and is an Honoured Fellow. He delivers all TPN modules in French and in English.

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