Hélène Pilon

Hélène has worked full time as an Alternative Dispute Resolution practitioner since October 2008. She retired from the Public Service in May, 2011. As a full-time practitioner in Informal conflict Management (ICMS) at HRSDC, her work consisted mostly in offering conflict coaching to her clients. Hélène’s interventions as a coach occurred when clients were going through difficult situations having an impact on communications between colleagues, or even on the operation of the whole team at work. Most of the clients referred to in the attached table are employed by HRSDC Canada.

Hélène’s degree in Psychology has been the foundation of her skills as a conflict coach – i.e. her Bachelor Degree obtained in June 1980 and her Master’s Degree in Psychology of Human Relations, which focused mostly on OD and human relations in the workplace. This education provided the basis of her coaching skills - listening skills, formulating open ended questions, etc. To update and expand this formal education, Hélène completed, in 2004, a three year program delivered by The Center for Authentic Leadership in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Hélène has been a practitioner with us for the past two years. She offers services in French and in English.

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