Upcoming Course: TPN 2

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Trainer: Alain Paulin
Pre-requisites: TPN 1 – Becoming A Third-Party Neutral

Cost: $1550 + tax

Full-time students receive 65% off ($542.50 + tax)
Part-time students receive 50% off ($775 + tax)
Full-time students at Saint Paul University receive 75% off ($387.50 + tax)
Not-for-profits receive 30% off ($1085 + tax)

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Workshop Overview
Building on TPN 1 as a prerequisite, this module provides intensive training on facilitating groups in conflict and preventing groups from escalating conflict into something non-productive. Key tasks of a facilitator and core skills are taught and practiced. They include such things as creating and effectively using a process agenda, creating and enforcing ground rules, techniques for including all participants, techniques for capturing the ideas of participants and skills for keeping to the process and within the allotted time and dealing with difficult behaviors.

It's no secret that managing a team presents its unique set of challenges: 

  • How can we ensure everyone's voice is heard?
  • How can we best manage difficult behaviours?
  • How do we create a non-judgement and non-threatening atmosphere?
  • How can we meet our mandate while managing the group's needs?
  • How can we use the art of the question to help a group move forward?

Learn how to empower people and groups to manage their differences constructively. Join the roster of TPN graduates! To find out more about the TPN certificate program, click here. 

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