At the political level, Taiwan is in conflict between those that want closer union with the Peoples Republic of China and those that wish to have greater independence. With martial law and limitations on freedom imposed on the country for some 40 years prior to 1987, individual citizens, government officials, aboriginals and others have not had exposure to alternative means of dealing with conflict.

CICR Involvement

In 2002 CICR was invited by Dr. Steve Chen to introduce its conflict resolution training program into Taiwan at Chang Jung Christian University. Funding for this involvement was through the Presbyterian Church, local diaspora individuals, and with in-kind support from CICR.



  • 93 people (Presbyterian members, government employees and Aboriginals) have basic skills in mediation, facilitation and other conflict resolution methodologies
  • 90 have advanced skills in facilitation
  • 75 have advanced skills in mediation
  • 36 have certificates as third party neutrals
  • 30 have basic skills as conflict resolution trainers


As a result of the training introduced by CICR,

  • The Conflict Study and Research Center at Chang Jung Christian University was established in 2004
  • CICR’s Third Party Neutral Training Program is established at the Conflict Studies and Research Center with basic conflict resolution training being taught there, (by local trainers and observers) since 2008.
  • From 2008-20010, 169 people have basic skills in mediation, facilitation and other conflict resolution methodologies, taught through the Conflict Studies and Research Center.
  • Hundreds of individuals resolve conflicts more effectively, resulting in greater harmony in their workplace, communities and families.


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