Creating Awareness and Managing Conflict

The civil war between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement coupled with continued unrest and violence in the Darfur region, created an intolerable environment within which government and civil society had to operate.

CICR Involvement

In 2003, with support from CIDA, a joint University of Saint Paul and CICR mission was sent to Sudan to raise awareness about and introduce conflict resolution skills to key government officials and civil society personnel.



  • In Khartoum, some 38 senior people from government, industry, NGOs and local Institutions have basic skills in resolving conflicts, including the Ministries of Justice, Foreign Affairs, and Interior, the Institute for National Security, the Universities of Gezira, National Ribat, and Juba and Sudanese Mothers for Peace & Development.


  • CICR has had a standing request for conflict resolution capacity development from the Police Academy, the Ministry of the Interior, the Education Ministry, women’s organizations and journalists. Funding to provide this needed program is still outstanding.


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