Introduction of Mediation into the Judicial System

In order to join the European Union, Serbia is required to undertake significant reform to its judicial system, including structural reform and increases its independence and efficiency. The extremely high backlog of cases led to recommendations to implement court-referred mediation processes.

CICR Involvement

Based on the success of CICR’s involvement in judicial reform in Bosnia & Herzegovina, the IFC/World Bank contracted CICR and its ADR professionals in 2004/5 to train mediators and provide advisory services on the introduction of mediation into the courts.


Outputs during the life of the project:

  • 180 judges and lawyers in the Serbia judicial system have basic skills in mediation, facilitation and other conflict resolution methodologies
  • 120 judges and lawyers (of the 180 above) have advanced skills in mediation
  • The Second Municipal Court in Belgrade has enhanced knowledge and skills in the operation of a court-referred mediation pilot project.

Outcomes from this and other ADR projects of the IFC:

  • In Serbia’s first two years of offering mediation, settlements were reached in 1800 of 2000 cases where it was used.
  • Of the approximate 720 commercial cases of the first 1800, settlements led to the release of 33.2 million Euros.
  • The CICR training is recognized as one of the official training methodologies of the Serbian judicial system.


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