Introduction of Mediation into the Judicial System

In order to join the European Union, Macedonia was required to undertake significant reform to its judicial system, particularly related to increasing its independence and its efficiency. This included the drafting and implementing a new law to promote mediation as an extra-judiciary procedure for resolving disputes.

CICR Involvement

Based on the success of CICR’s involvement in judicial reform in Bosnia & Herzegovina, the IFC/World Bank contracted CICR and a senior CICR trainer, Vesna Markovic-Dasovic in 2004/5 to provide mediation training and advise on the creation of an Association of Mediators for Macedonia.


Outputs during the life of the project:

  • 160 judges, lawyers, government officials and business executives have basic and advanced mediation
  • An Association of Mediators was Founded

Outcomes from 2004 – 2009 of this and other ADR projects of the IFC:

  • One mediation center has been established
  • A law on mediation was developed, based in the Bosnia & Herzegovina law that was drafted in conjunction with CICR’s Court-Referred Mediation Project
  • 130 mediators have been trained
  • 80 cases have been resolved through mediation, of which 49 were commercial
  • $3.5 million in funds and assets that had been in the courts for years have been released, $3.3 million of which involved commercial cases


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