Kenya and Uganda

Border and pastoralist communities in East Africa struggle with frequent conflicts resulting from cattle raiding and access to land and water. The advent of large-scale infrastructure development projects including an oil pipeline and a coal plant also create tensions in communities. The Danish Demining Group (DDG) is involved in efforts to reduce levels of conflict over natural resources, and the marginalisation of border and pastoralist communities. DDG also seeks to promote constructive engagement between the different stakeholders of large-scale energy and infrastructure projects in order to prevent and mitigate any negative conflict created by such projects.

As part of its effort to reach these objectives, DDG has conducted initiatives to build capacity for mediation and dialogue facilitation among civil society actors with a view to improving relationships between communities and other key stakeholders.

CICR Involvement

CICR was contracted by the DDG to build capacity in mediation and dialogue facilitation through the delivery of the Third Party Neutral (TPN) Program to local civil society actors.


• In early 2016, 2O people in Uganda and 21 people in Kenya completed the four-week TPN program. Participants were local DDG employees, county governments employees, tribal chiefs, elder and church leaders as well as representatives of youth and women’s groups.

• Subsequent to the TPN program in both locations, seven participants from the two groups took part in a one-week customized training program with the objective of coaching them to develop their own capacity-building program in mediation and dialogue facilitation for local use.


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