Managing Conflict in the NGO Sector

In 1998-1999 in the Jakarta region, ethnic conflicts, traditionally against Chinese Indonesians, had mushroomed to involve people of many ethnic backgrounds living contiguously. Many NGOs and other institutions in Indonesia engaged in dealing with conflicts and trying to create a peaceful society, did not have the skills to properly address these situations.

CICR Involvement

At the request of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), CICR was contracted to work with Indonesian civil society to map the key elements of civil unrest in and around Jakarta and develop a skill training program to support NGOs in dealing with conflicts they confronted in their daily work.



  • Study of unrest prepared
  • 2-day skill training program developed
  • 20 NGOs in Jakarta and 18 in Jogjakarta provided with basic skills to reduce and or deal with conflicts


  • Hundreds of low-level conflicts prevented or resolved


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