East Timor

Technical Support to DARE II Peace Process

The lead-up to the UN-supervised referendum on independence in August 1999 was marred by extreme violence between pro-independence Timorese, the Timorese pro-integration militia, and elements of the Indonesian army.

CICR Involvement

In May 1999, CICR was invited through the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta to provide technical support for the DARE II peace talks. Brian McQuinn, a senior CICR practitioner, spent some 2 months in East Timor working as an advisor to Bishop Belo (Noble Peace Prize recipient) and Bishop Nascimento in designing and implementing the process. The work included shuttle diplomacy among the different factions in an attempt to bring them to the peace talks



  • The full report of this mission, including the Baucau Talks, the follow-on Leaders Meeting and the DARE II Peace Talks, along with a section on lessons learned, is available through this link (in English only).


  • The peace initiatives were not successful, and although the August referendum had a clear vote for independence, the pro-integration militia with the support of elements of the Indonesian military launched a campaign of violence


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