Central African Republic

From September – December 2014, CICR partnered with the Danish Refugee Council to offer five weeks of training in Conflict Resolution in CAR including a ToT in order to empower and prepare their national staff (and participants) to intervene in community dialogue, provide capacity building in conflict resolutions and reconciliation and facilitate small group processes that are inclusive of the various communities. Approximately, 50 participants received one week of training on a war zone contextualized Third Party Neutral role in Conflict Resolution, 20 of whom were able to complete the remaining more advanced 4 weeks of Conflict Resolution/Reconciliation training. Subsequently, the newly trained CICR graduates were able to engage over 200 individuals in conflict resolution capacity building and dialogue discussing the impact of the present conflict and nonviolent options of collaboration and moving forward. Ongoing coaching was also provided during their ToT practical workshop and after when the trainees provided their own capacity building training within their own communities involving various groups.

Since their graduation in CAR on December 2014, the graduates have since then created their own community of practices to ensure support and ongoing development.

Some of the feedback (stories) received from community members who participated in the trainees workshop after the one week contextualized training:

  • "We know what to do now; before we would just make the decision but it was not durable, now it can be."
  • "Before, we were blind; now we see. It is a discovery for us!"
  • "I have changed as a father, I used to be brutal, and my children stole from me. During the training, I phoned them, we talked and we understood each other. They recognized their faults and we reconciled."
  • "It is our turn now to make peace. This course tells us that we can. It changes our behavior and makes me realize that there are not only weapons to deal with conflits".


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