This Forgiveness Workshop is part 1 of the Forgiveness and Reconciliation Program. The second part of the training will be a Reconciliation Workshop that will take place at a later date.*

*Offered in English only.

Do you want to learn the tools to help 'victims' become 'victors'?

Do you want to learn how to transform anger and resentment to heal past wounds caused by conflict and violence?

Do you work with victims of offences and want to learn how to change their narrative from revenge to compassion?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Forgiveness Workshop is for you. Deepen your journey within yourself and within your practice by participating in this dynamic and transformational workshop. Forgiveness is a tool that enables you to move forward by restoring dignity and rebuilding our relationships especially in communities wounded by injustice and violence. It is a process and a practice that can be learned and applied in many different instances.

Based on the internationally-recognized ESPERE program, this workshop is designed for people who want to embark on a deeply personal journey to heal wounds resulting from conflict. During the 3-day course, participants will:

  1. Work with and address a personal offence experienced in your past.
  2. Understand emotional responses to the cycle of violence, injustice and conflict.
  3. Learn how to work through anger and fear by reducing the drive for revenge.
  4. Discover how trauma is processed through catharsis and what it takes to find the strength to move forward.

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