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Canada - Conflict Resolution

Sheena Costain

Cree Nation, Canada

CICR approach engages families and honours everybody who is involved in the conflict… how does each person understand wrongdoing… what causes harm in the first place??? The training really has the potential to break this cycle. It makes such as huge difference on a day-to-day basis.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - International Conflict Resolution

Alexsandar Zivanovic

Bosnia & Herzegovina

I can still clearly remember taking the TPN1 training of CICR in Banja Luka in 1998. Nowadays, as a member of the Board of Association of Mediators in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a mediation and conflict resolution trainer, having worked with about 2000 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia I can say the CICR training and experiences that followed shaped my professional but also private life the best possible way.

Canada - Conflict Resolution

Moe Royer

Correctional Services, Canada

I love life. It is sad to see us living in an angry world. We got to find a better way to respect each other and help each other… politicians argue with one another and everybody does but I hope that we find more peace in our communities, which I truly believe is possible if we follow these processes of the CICR. CICR training gave me a wonderful opportunity and the tools that I used for many years… We all have something we give. Every day, we should do something for someone else… it comes back to us. It lets us find out who we are, and lets our diversity blossom.

Canada - Conflict Resolution

David Zackrias

Ottawa Police Service, Canada

CICR training helped me build trust in myself and helped me realize that the solutions need to come from the communities. It helps me remain grounded in my leadership skills. Now I focus more upon the process instead of getting too involved with the content. It reinforced to me how inclusion is key to public safety, through dialogue and giving the people the sense of belonging.

Canada - Conflict Resolution

Carole Soucis

International Mediator and TPN Trainer

After I completed the TPNs, I never held a meeting with my collegues the same way anymore. This approach allows you to go deeper in your interaction to open each party’s boxes to allow them to resolve the issue and start to become interested in the other person. Everybody finds their respect of dignity in the CICR principles… I love the principles of CICR because they are so powerful! CICR allows us to be real peace-workers.

Canada - Conflict Resolution

Rasha Kaba

Syrian Refugee

TPN helped me understand how to intervene in conflicts in an impartial manner and learn to ask the right questions then let the parties be responsible for the content and the outcome rather than presenting my own solutions to the problem. It’s a practical and an effective approach that applies to both personal and work situations. I worked in humanitarian organizations in Syria in Homs, Hamah and other cities, used the non-violent communication methodology and saw the suffering of the people, and therefore, I strongly feel the need to go back and help once I equip myself with the necessary skills. I started the TPN journey and intend to continue. My hope is to use these skills and CICR’s community-based approach to create a functional and peaceful co-existence among all the parties involved in the Syrian conflict by working with grass-root groups and communities. CICR transformative approach is very effective because it can be applied on various scales from families, communities, and up to the state level.

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