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CICR has partnered with MacEwan University from 2008-2016 to offer a Managing Conflict Professional Development Certificate program
By completing the Managing Conflict program you will receive 40 hours credit towards the CICR Third Party Neutral Program (TPN-1 Becoming a Third Party Neutral).

Here’s what our students said about the MacEwan University Managing Conflict program:

Managing Conflict - Level 1:
1) This was a very informative class. Maurice is a great teacher who keeps all students involved in the course. Stacy Lariviere, November 26, 2014.
2) Very engaging, learned a great deal and now have tools that will allow me to be better both professionally and personally. Karen Johnson, March 14, 2014.
3) Very knowledgeable, providing lots of real life examples. This helps you to apply to work the next day. Tyler Schneider, March 14, 2014.

Resolving Conflict - Level 3:
1) Managing conflict is a great course for your personal and professional life. Stacy Lariviere, May 12, 2015
2) Another great class! Maurice allowed the class to be open in our discussions and encouraged class participation so easily. Stacey Kaizer, May 28, 2014.

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