Third Party Neutral Program

"The training I received at CICR was the beginning of a wonderful future. Their staff was not only professional, but also friendly and approachable. It was a learning experience, which has been beneficial to both my professional and personal life. With CICR’s training, I am proud to say that, in 1998, I pioneered staff mediation in the Ontario Region of Corrections Canada. Since that time, I have been able to assist hundreds of people in resolving their conflicts. Since retiring from the Federal Public Service in June of 2006, I established my on company, Moe Royer Group, which offers mediation, facilitation and negotiation services. All this would not have been possible without the excellent training I received through CICR."
Moe Royer, Consultant, Ottawa

"Since taking the TPN courses at CICR I have participated in hundreds of different trainings and from my point of view, the conflict resolution training program developed through CICR remains far and above the best and most memorable and the one on which I have based the development of my own trainings and work"
Joyce Abardanel, Conflict Resolution Practitioner

"I can still clearly remember taking the TPN1 training of CICR in Banja Luka in 1998. Nowadays, as a member of the Board of Association of Mediators in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a mediation and conflict resolution trainer, having worked with about 2000 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia I can say the CICR training and experiences that followed shaped my professional but also private life the best possible way."
Alexsandar Zivanovic, Bosnia & Herzegovina

“My overall reflections were: for the most part really great people and really beneficial learning. The peace oriented approach is very kindhearted and a kin to my worldview and desire to help others help themselves.”
Cindy Vanderheyden, Ottawa

“Brilliant program, I have never in my student career encountered such an interactive course. I experienced great personal growth and broke through a lot of barriers I had created for myself.”
Daisy Amaya

Customized Training

Around 1992, I began to volunteer at CICR, with others, to develop a course intended to bring a wide variety of community members together for conflict resolution training and relation building. Other members were Bob Birt, Bickie Hack, Elizabeth Chin and others.

We delivered the first workshop, Bob leading and us as participants as well as other community members. The workshop was one week in length. We then spent several evenings redesigning the course and presenting the revised course. TPN 1 was 1-week in duration at this time. From one of these workshops, at a community-facilitated session (brainstorming session) during the last day, a youth said “wouldn’t it be great to train police and kids together” thus sprung the “Cops & Kids Training” program.

To assist me in selling this idea to the police, a strategic meeting was held at CICR, which was facilitated by Bob Birt. The persons in attendance were the Chief of Police, Judge, Crown Attorney, High School Principal and a Municipal Councilor. At this time we proposed a new concept of Police Recruit Training to include conflict resolution training with youth from the community (Cops & Kids). With assistance from CICR the course was designed and delivered. However, there was no budget for such a program and John Kelly, of Kelly Funeral Homes, agreed to provide the funding for the first course of “Cops & Kids”. The outcome of the original course was evaluated and endorsed by Chief Ford as a requirement for all new recruits.

In total, during the next few years, approximately 400 police recruits and community youth were trained together in this workshop. It is interesting to note that this same course was delivered in 1995 to Chief Ford, 9 of his executive officers and 10 community leaders. The rational for this course was the amalgamation of the police services in Ottawa Carleton and thus the need for team building, trust development, etc. between the police and between the police and community.

Unfortunately the program was dropped (lack of funding and a focus on tactical response instead). However, the relationships that were developed have been very fruitful, such as the partnership with the Somalian community that continues to thrive today.
Gary Nelson, Consultant, Formely with the Ottawa Police Force, Ottawa


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